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Marc Mero

Champion of Choices
Founder and Chairman
Former WWE Wrestling Champion, Marc Mero, has an extraordinary ability to connect with young people, not because of his former wrestling career but because of his personal story of overcoming insurmountable obstacles throughout his life to achieve success. Marc Mero's enthusiasm is contagious as he empowers people of all agesand walks of life to make positive choices and achieve their goals.

Meet Marc Mero
Many people can relate to Marc’s story about growing up in a broken family and dreaming of a better future. His dreams for a life outside his humble beginnings led him to write his goals into existence and, at a young age, he achieved success in athletics with hockey and football, then was on the path to becoming a professional boxer.

Following an accident, Marc’s athletic career was sidelined during years of rebellion, substance abuse, and bad choices. Even at the pinnacle of sport’s success as a professional wrestler, Marc continued to make negative choices that impacted his personal life and career.

After a series of personal tragedies and the loss of more than 30 friends and family members largely due to their bad choices, Marc felt compelled to reach out to students and encourage them to live healthy, compassion-ate, purposeful lives. In 2007, the nonprofit organization, Champion of Choices was born.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, July 22

9:45am EDT