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Lisa Smith

Interpretive Sign Language Artist

Lisa Smith is a young lady with Down syndrome who has taken the gift of interpretive signing and added to it her unashamed faith, allowing her to express herself in absolute freedom and adoration for the Lord.

Lisa has the honor of being a part of two ministry groups: Journey of Sisters, a group of young ladies who minister to women in crisis at shelters and through one-day conferences; and Sparkle Living’s community initiative, Night to Reignite Dinner Club, which is a movement to bring women together across lines of denomination and culture, spurring them to be women, wives, and mothers of greatness in Christ.

In 2007, Lisa began to perform and travel for Best Buddies. Lisa has performed at the Best Buddies International Leadership Conferences and for Best Buddies Galas from Tennessee to California. Mr. Shriver’s sister and former First Lady of California, Maria Shriver, has invited Lisa to share her gift during the Annual Best Buddies Audi Challenge and at the 2007 California Governor and First Lady’s Conference for Women, performing the National Anthem with Kathryn McPhee. She recently performed at the 2016 Leadership Conference.

Lisa is an inspiration and encouragement for others, whether performing with an artist or alone, to believe in themselves and their dreams; and that all things are possible with God.